Full Tang - puukon terä



DIY-man or woman’s choice when buying a knife. This blade does not blame for harsher use. Skilled hands will conjure this blade for the future adventures of a beautiful and certainly important and valuable partner for user. The handle part has three 5 mm diameter holes through which you can insert either a piece of brass / aluminum rod or a screw to attach the handle halves to the bone. A plastic enclosure is also included, making the sheath really easy to make and the end result is a showy and unique knife. Practice has also shown that this knife does not necessarily need any crafting on its part. Once the blade has been pressed properly into the plastic enclosure, it makes a own place in it so that the blade locks nicely inside the plastic enclosure. It is then safe to keep the knife in a backpack, car, tractor or wherever you want to keep it. The handle is so well-shaped that it is comfortable to use even without the handle scales. So if you want a high-quality and affordable knife, this is it. The plastic enclosure is intentionally slightly oversized to provide shortening of the appropriate length of protection for the blade depending on the intended use.

Blade material: Hardened carbon steel, Stenco Jaw / W. No. 1.1750

Blade length: 12.5 cm

Overall length: 25 cm

The sharpening angle in steel is 20 degrees. This, combined with a hardness of about 59 HRC, ensures that the knife retains its sharpness even after several forest trips.

Manufacturer: Puronvarsi J-M / Scytheman